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  • Ciara is now on maternity leave

    Just a little reminder to everyone that Ciara is now on maternity leave and her new arrival is due any day now! We are open as…

  • Dogs Die in Hot Cars

    I know we keep repeating this but leaving a window open isn't enough!

  • Rabbit Awareness Week 10th-18th May

    We are supporting Rabbit Awareness Week again this year to help raise awareness of the proper care and welfare of pet rabbits.…

  • Hidden dangers in the garden

    When the weather improves pets spend more time in the garden. However many hidden dangers can lurk there.
    Slug Pellets commonly…

  • Cats get arthritis too

    Did you know that 50% of adult cats suffer with arthritis?
    The picture on the left is from an 8 year old cat with advanced…