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  • Pets have teeth too!

    Does your pet have bad breath or discoloured teeth?
    Pet oral disease is so common and easily overlooked. Recent studies have…

  • It's that time of year again!

    Pre-Hibernation Check
    It is worth getting your tortoise checked before hibernation! A health check and a routine faecal exam…

  • August Bank Holiday

    We will be closed on Monday 27th August for the Bank Holiday.
    We hope you all have a lovely long weekend.
    If your pet needs us…

  • Tynwald Day Bank Holiday

    We will be closed on 5th July for Tynwald Day.
    In cases of emergency please phone the normal surgery number 835424.

  • Rabbit Roundup Sunday 5th August 2018

    Join us at the MSPCA for a range of rabbit related talks from the award winning veterinary nurse, Jo Hinde RVN.
    A wide range of…