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  • Bunny Wednesday!

    Wednesday the 4th of November is Rabbit Health Day here at Strand Vets.
    It's only £12 for a health check and free vaccination…

  • Fireworks - Keeping your Pet Safe

    Fireworks time will soon be upon us, and many pets will be affected by the unpredictable…

  • A new face!

    Some of you will already have met our lovely new vet Fern.
    She has moved to the island from Nottingham University and we are…

  • May Bank Holiday

    We will be closed on Monday 25th May for the bank holiday.
    If you need us for an emergency please phone the normal surgery…

  • Physio and Acupuncture for pets

    Did you know that Physiotherapy and Acupuncture can be of great benefit to our pets?
    Offering help and pain relief for animals…