Dec 9 2018

Christmas Hazards for Your Pets

Remember to keep your pets out of harm's way this Christmas — some festive fayre and decorations will seem irresistible to your pets, but many foods and plants can be a danger to our friends.

Keeping Safe Around the Christmas Tree

  • Make sure your tree is well anchored and that pets can't drink from the stand

  • Avoid flashing lights which can scare pets, stick to twinkle or glow settings

  • Cover cables to discourage chewing and prevent electrocution, you can also spray them with bitter spray if needed

  • Brush up sharp needles regularly to prevent them getting stuck in paws

  • Don't hang chocolate decorations on the tree, even the top branches

  • Use robust, shatterproof ornaments and choose decorations that are big enough not to be swallowed

  • Avoid tinsel and ribbons that look attractive but are dangerous when chewed and swallowed

Foods to avoid giving your pets:

  • Alcoholic beverages, as always water is best

  • Onions — probably in stuffing, onion sauce etc but in lots of surprising foods too

  • Chocolate — particularly dark chocolate, this can be fatal, even in small quantities

  • Raisins/sultanas/currants and other vine fruits (fresh grapes included — these are hidden lots of places at this time of year and can cause fatal kidney damage

  • Nuts — praticularly salted or chocolate coated

  • Avocado

Other hazards to avoid:

  • Mistletoe berries

  • Yew tree berries and foliage

  • Acorns and Conkers

  • Lily plants

  • Cyclamen plants

  • Holly berries, Ivy berries and foliage

If you are worried about your pet over the Christmas season, please pick up the phone and speak to our emergency vet. Call 835 424 and listen for the emergency number.

Have a safe and happy Christmas!