Apr 20 2019

Baby Birds

At this time of year the young of our common garden birds leave the nest before they are able to fly properly. So, if you find a young fully feathered bird out of its nest, it's likely to be a fledgling and there is no need to be worried. The parents are probably close by, waiting for you to leave before retrieving their young.

Young birds which are in immediate danger from a predator or traffic, may be placed out of harms way, a short distance away. Do make sure you leave it in hearing distance of where it was found.

Birds have a poor sense of smell, so briefly handling a young bird will not usually cause its parents to abandon it.

A fledgeling should only be moved as a last resort - for example if it has been injured or genuinely abandoned. In this case put it in a dark, warm box and bring it to us.

Further information on fledgling birds can be found on the RSPB website