Oct 29 2018

We would like to wish all our friends a very safe and fun filled bonfire weekend!

We know it can be a tough time for some of our patients, so here are a few tips to help them cope with all the bangs. Feel free to SHARE with your friends and family. If you need any more of a helping hand we can supply you with calming remedies for under £10 to last the whole bonfire season, just pop in and have a chat (no consultation necessary)

1. Firstly and most importantly KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON - your pet will pick up on your cues, if you think its OK, they're more likely to. This means ignoring any fearful behaviour completely and encouraging normal activities like playing and eating

2. Provide a safe space where your pet is comfortable, if you have any calming sprays, use them here! Kids can be involved in building dens but should leave your pet to use them once the fireworks start

3. Aim to be tired by the time the fireworks start - walk dogs and play with cats. A big meal just before dark can also make your pet feel sleepy and content

4. Keep your animals cosy and well insulated - close the curtains, switch on the TV or radio and put blankets under the doors

5. If you're still struggling consider using a calming remedy to increase the happy chemicals in your pets brain and help them cope with the nerves

Have fun!