Aug 23 2017

What's the problem with Polly?

NOTE DATE CHANGE to Sunday 3rd September 2-4pm

Calling all Parrot, Budgie and Cockatiel owners and carers on the island.

On Sunday 3rd September Brian Stockdale BVM&S MRCVS, lecturer in Bird Medicine at University of Nottingham Vets School will be discussing nutrition, caging and enrichment along with how to avoid husbandry-related medical conditions.

This talk is to provide the most up to date information on how to provide the very best of care for these amazing birds.

Venue - Centre 21, Greenfield Road, Douglas, IM2 6BG (Just off Glencrutchery Road on the way to the IOM College).

View the event facebook page here.

Photo by Dawn Armfield on Unsplash