Oct 15 2017

Keyhole surgery now available for pets for the first time on the Isle of Man!

We have news we've been bursting to tell you! We have invested in the equipment and training needed to be able to perform "keyhole" surgery. This means we can do minimally invasive surgery, including bitch spays, right here on the Isle of Man.

Sophie, Molly, Daisy and Luna were the first dogs on the Isle of Man to experience the benefits when they were spayed this week. All were very brave and bounced back to the surgery 48 hours later to be given the OK from the surgical team to go back to chasing balls and swimming.

The picture above is of Sophie having cuddles with Lorna to show off her tiny scars.

If you're interested in learning more about what we can do via key hole, pop in, call us on 835424 or email enquiries@strandvets.com