Jan 7 2019

Keyhole surgery for pets! #coulditbekeyhole

Keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery is so much more than just a small incision for your pet!
The tiny but precise equipment means that there is none of the usual pulling and tugging on tissues and bleeding is minimal. The recovery period is only 2 days!
It is the stretching of tissues that generates the most pain after surgery so just making a small incision will not have the same effect and actually causes more tissue damage.

The very detailed camera we use also means that everything is magnified and we can see so much better.

Here at Strand Vets we have been offering this service for dogs over a year and are delighted to now be able to offer it for much smaller species including birds and reptiles and not just for neutering! #coulditbekeyhole

For more information contact us on 835424 or email enquiries@strandvets.com