Veterinary Services

24 hour emergency service

Register today and enjoy the peace-of-mind of a 24 hour emergency service for your pet.

Blood pressure monitoring

We are able to take and track your animal's blood-pressure, a critical sign of your animal's health.

Home visits

We will gladly do home visits if you so desire—home visits can be less stressful to you and your animal

If you require a home visit please give as much notice as possible. There will be a small additional fee to cover our time & transport costs.

People often opt to have a home visit in the unhappy event that their animal has to be euthanised.

Note that home visits are not always appropriate as facilities & medications may not be available, delaying the most effective treatment.


Microchip implants are about the size of a large grain of rice and placed under the skin of your animal. They use a passive RFID technology that can be used to identify your animal.

Microchips have many applications but are particularly useful in identification and return of lost pets.

Pet passports

The Pet Travel Scheme permits the movement of pet animals (dogs, cats and ferrets) to the UK without the need for quarantine.
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We are very experienced in the use of diagnostic X-Ray imaging to correctly identify problems and design the right treatment for your animal.


A member of the Association of British Veterinary Acupuncturists, we provide specialist acupuncture services for animals. Acupuncture can provide pain relief and help the body deal with diseases.
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If you simply wish to get advice from one of our experienced staff members we provide consultation services on any animal related matter.

In-house laboratory

We are able to carry out a wide-range of veterinary diagnostic services within our in-house laboratory helping us provide a prompt, high-quality and affordable service.

Nurse clinics

We have two fully qualified and experienced veterinary nurses.
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Puppy parties

Socialising your dog from an early age is highly recommended—both owner and puppy will find our puppy parties very rewarding.


Another diagnostic tool we have available is ultrasound which can be used on both large and small animals.

Canine Physiotherapy

At Strand Vets we provide a Physiotherapy service to treat dogs with various aches and pains and for surgical rehabilitation.
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