Canine Physiotherapy

A dog receiving physiotherapy treatment

Physiotherapy services for dogs are a rapidly growing veterinary sector, as both vets and owners begin to realise the benefits of physiotherapy for musculoskeletal, neurological and age related changes in pets. Advancements in surgical techniques, and orthopaedic treatment for conditions such as elbow and hip dysplasia and disk degeneration now commonplace, the use of Animal Physiotherapy has been proven to enhance the patient's outcome.

Animal Physiotherapy can be very effective in providing pain relief immediately post surgery and during the rehabilitation process. Rehabilitation post surgery or injury can cover various possible areas such as rebuilding strength, mobility, or re-educating correct gait patterns.

The neurological patient finds immense benefit from physiotherapy techniques to support the muscles and joints whilst the patient is unable to actively move these areas, and the application of sensory stimuli can be used to reawaken neurological pathways and assist in regaining proprioceptive capability.

Age related changes creep up on our dogs all too rapidly, and physiotherapy is an excellent way of ensuring that the effects of these changes are kept in check for as long as possible.

Signs that your dog may benefit from Pet Physiotherapy are:

  • Have they had recent surgery?
  • Do they have an injury?
  • Lost the ability to jump into the car or onto a high surface?
  • Developed difficulty going up or down stairs?
  • Lost enthusiasm for playing and running?
  • Become stiff or weak?
  • Shown signs of tenderness to touch?
  • Developed an unexplainable behavioural problem?
  • Become sad or grumpy?
  • Developed arthritis or other conditions associated with old age?

At Strand Vets we provide a Physiotherapy service to treat dogs with various aches and pains and for surgical rehabilitation.

To find out more call us on 01624 825424 and speak to Lorna or Gemma.

Please note we only treat dogs under veterinary referral; please ask your vet if physiotherapy would benefit your pet.