Puppy Parties

Puppy Party

Puppy parties are run in the evening by a qualified veterinary nurse at our surgery. They are a valuable opportunity for your puppy to socialise with other puppies, learning good doggie manners for the future, as well as being a lot of fun for puppies and owners alike.

Each puppy party the notice board is stocked with information on a different topic, such as vaccinations, health care or diet and the vet nurse will speak for a few minutes on this subject. Your puppy will also be weighed at each party and their progress is tracked by the nurse. Your puppy will grow up used to coming to the vets and being weighed, as well as being around other dogs.

The parties give you a chance to ask the qualified vet nurse any questions you may have and to get together with other puppy owners to share your experiences.

If you're interested in coming to a puppy party, please get in touch.

Puppy Party Puppy Party